00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190622202501738_COVER Kim H. Cardoso
I am a midwife. I work in community health with recent immigrants, students, homeless women, and the working poor. I am moved by stories of hunger, loneliness, love, gratitude and humor.
I am a painter. I savor the craft-like process of encaustic painting. Building, heating, carving, constructing and deconstructing speak to the meaning in my work and bring me joy while I paint.
First, I was a metalsmith. In the 1990’s, I exhibited my sculptural jewelry in galleries along the Eastern Seaboard of the US. I loved the feel of the hammer, the effect of fire, and the fun of incorporating found bits that didn’t belong. My love for creating comes from a childhood of designing houses and little worlds, tinkering on the workbench, and helping in the garden.
My work is about connection. I like to explore the between place along the journey to connect- where we are suspended in transport, on the bridge between familiar and fear. To express this longing, I use translucent wax and pigment in layers of color, line and small ephemera.
I live in a three story ranch. I paint on the deck of my Oakland, CA home.  I live with my Brazilian husband, two kids, two dogs, and five chickens on a wild hillside of fruit trees, veggies, and various holes, forts, and sculptures being made or altered.

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